L-B0011-2 Engraved Lacquer Box (limited to this set only)

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beautiful box with tapered sides and concave top.  This engraved box is great to display in the living room with your trinkets or in the bedroom. 

this lacquerware design is made with  tiny incisions using a sharp needle point pen-like tool to carve the design on the surface of the lacquerware. This free-form art design technique is unique to Myanmar. Each piece therefore is an original. You can see this artistic carving and feel these tiny incisions on the surface of a lacquerware. It is simply amazing!

Lacquerware like any handmade item has imperfections, which makes it even more special. It is also light, waterproof, usable, and amazingly beautiful.

A lacquerware is made from 100% natural material. While lacquer is simply a zap from a tree, applying lacquer on an object made from bamboo or wood will significantly change its appearance. The process to create one lacquerware may take from 4 to 8 months and understanding how labor intensive to make one lacquerware makes it even more precious. 

Size of box is 31.5 x 21 x 6 cm 

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