L-SB0031 SHWE SIN MIN Special Handcrafted Lacquerware Soup Bowl

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This soup bowl is made from the highest quality material. Lacquerware items in Myanmar are normally made from 100% natural bamboo or wood, ash, and high quality lacquer. This is an original and authentic piece handcrafted in Myanmar (Burma). Stamp at the bottom of the bowl is the Burmese stamp that shows it is made in Bagan, Burma from a well known and famous craft house.  This product is carefully and beautifully engraved with  Burmese art  around and at the bottom of the bowl. It is  finished with the dark brown nut color  lacquer with engraved design.  Burmese lacquerware takes months to finish due to the many steps it takes (multiple application and drying of lacquer and other materials applied )  to arrive at the design stage. Most of the craftsmen use freehand outline of the design on the lacquerware before they start with the engraving using a fine iron stylus called kauk - and with this freeform engraving comes really unique and unusual pieces. There are no 2 identical items. As all handcrafted products,  there maybe slight imperfections on every piece - making each piece even more unique and beautiful. Size: 17 cm wide x 6 cm tall.    

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