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This is a gift box completely wrapped in gold foil.   

It is made from 100% natural material. This lacquerware is an authentic handcrafted product from Myanmar.  The inside casing and cover were made with black lacquer and the surfaces and outside casing were covered with gold foil.

Lacquerware may take from 4-8 months to finish due to the process of applying and drying lacquer multiple times. Drying lacquer may take 2-3 weeks per application.

"Shwei-zawa" is the Myanmar name for lacquerware making with real gold leaf (golf foil) designs. The lacquerware process is the same except on the last stage. The craftsman will carve his design using a sharp needle point pen on the surface but this time, the design will be on reverse. The entire area not carved will then be covered with gold leaf after a light thin lacquer is applied. This undertaking requires extreme care to make sure the gold leaf is applied well. Even fingerprints can leave a mark. Whew! It will then be kept again in the cellar for a few weeks to dry completely. 

Size of box is 15 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm. 

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