Why should sell on a Marketplace

by Sese Reodica


With the huge involvement of the Internet in our daily lives, and large number of customers buying products online globally, the advancement of the eCommerce industry is flourishing day by day. If you are a retailer then the idea to sell online could never go wrong in terms of business growth. Selling online expands your reach globally which helps them to make more profits then usual. There are numerous ways of selling online apart from starting an online website, retailers can even sell their products through a renowned Marketplace.The growing competition among sellers encourages them to implement some new strategies to attract more customers to your product. To understand the demand of the vast number of potential customers, selling on a Marketplace could be a bet as they can easily give a brand more exposure and get you instant access to vast number of potential customers.

If you create your own eCommerce website, you can get full control, large profits, higher scalability but it can become costly for you as setting and promoting a niche brand requires high investments. But if you choose a Marketplace, you could sell your products online with certain control but will be able to leverage the global reach and services of a Marketplace. Customers often prefer buying products from Marketplaces because of the wide variety of products and the ease of the all-in-one shopping. Apart from this, selling products on Marketplace could offer you much more.

Below are some of the reasons to start selling products on Marketplace:

1. Huge audience access

The huge popularity of Marketplaces for online shopping automatically provides you the accessibility to all its customers  without having to spend any money on marketing. Its a good opportunity for small business owners to gain good profits without any advanced investments.

2. Low Startup Cost

As a marketplace has all things set up at one place, the retailer has to hardly make any investments other than some few expenses. Thus, minimal cost is involved on selling on a Marketplace as comparison to selling on your own eCommerce website. For example: Marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart etc charges:

  • Monthly Subscription Fee for selling on their platforms And,
  • Listing Fee or Commission which is a standard amount for every product they listed on the Marketplaces catalogue.

3. To increase trust level

It usually happens that the users buy the same product as of yours from the Marketplace due to lack of trust. Once your product reaches a Marketplace, it will get more exposure and this will definitely motivate the users to go for instant purchase. It’s also beneficial in getting high sales and revenues too.

4. To reach Global Market

Marketplaces provides you an option to expand your business reach globally with minimal efforts. Sellers can access millions of potential customers globally without making any advance investments. This would definitely boost up your cross border sales and overall business growth. For example, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy eBay are top leading Marketplaces serving millions of online customers all over the world

5. Enhance your brand’s visibility

If you are a newbie in the eCommerce industry, it’s obvious that customers are unaware about your brand and products. You surely need recognition in the market. Marketplaces help you to boost up your brand and visibility by listing all your products on their web page.

Expert Sayings

1. Yasuhiro Fukushima, Japanese business executive -“Thus, in the future, instead of buying bananas in a grocery store, you could go pick them off a tree in a virtual jungle.”

2. Paul Graham, Y COMBINATOR – You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”

3. Mudit Khosla, CEO, Tradus:  If one choose to sell through a Marketplace, then there is a very less requirement of working capital, unless there is a deal; there are no rentals involved.

4. Ankur Sethi, Founder & CEO, Nupinch.com: If any local retailer wants to reach to a million customers to just showcase the products, he’ll end up spending some fairly huge cash. Whilst, these Marketplaces act as a channel partner & help you reach millions of users, to some really deep parts of the countries & in turn push your sales exponentially.

Make more out of Marketplaces

  • Sellers should register themselves and make more ways of earning revenue.
  • At the initial level, try to provide some discounts and offers to attract more customers towards your product.
  • Keep a check on the customer reviews about your product and try to appreciate them or address their concerns. This strategy helps in making loyal customers.
  • Always remain aware about latest trends and technical advancements of selling online.

Over to you

The less complexity involved with selling on a marketplace is inevitable for sellers. It’s really necessary to give an enhanced recognition to your business and Marketplace suits perfect for the job. So, regardless of the marketplace you choose to sell on, it’s important to be aware about the latest trend going on in the eCommerce industry and implement it for a profitable business in the future. 


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