Benefits of using Marketplace for Small and Medium business sellers.

by Sese Reodica
1. Register and Start listing products for free 
Unlike most other platforms, is a Marketplace for smal and mid sized business, free registration and lets you create and manage listings for no additional cost. gives you a fast and free selling option, so you can instantly boost revenue.


2. Increase your brand awareness will help you instantly expand your online audience; you can advertise your products to reach more shoppers. Exposure to help more people find and learn about your items.                                        

3. Boost product and increase sales 
allows customers to purchase directly on, without leaving the platform. Buyers allows to streamline the conversion process, by using debit and credit card and COD so you can earn more sales and revenue.


4. Communicate directly with customers via Website Messenger 
When you sell on, you can respond directly to questions from interested buyers on messenger. Interacting with leads in real-time allows you to answer questions and provide the information they need to purchase before they lose interest. Making people feel more confident in their purchase decisions.


5. Outsell competitors online 
Since has a mini store feature, selling on the platform will give you an early mover advantage. allows you to diversify your selling channels to stand out online and outpace competitors. You have a unique opportunity to reach more customers than competitors who don’t sell on the platform.                                     


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