Artezans by Sint Valley
Artezans by Sint Valley

Artezans by Sint Valley offers 100% natural, handmade, unique, not your usual you-can-find-in-stores products. 

We offer authentic, handmade, 100% natural Myanmar lacquerware, jade, natural stones and mother of pearl items. 

What is a lacquerware?  A bowl, a storage box, teacup, there are many things that can be made into lacquerware. While lacquer is simply a zap from a tree, applying lacquer on an object made from bamboo or wood will significantly change its appearance. The process to create a lacquerware may take from 4 to 8 month and as you look closer on many of our  lacquer items, you will find very tiny incisions carved on the surface of the lacquerware. This free-form art design technique is unique to Myanmar. Each piece therefore is an original. You can see this artistic carving and feel these tiny incisions on the surface of a lacquerware. It is simply amazing!  I hope you enjoy checking out our collections.  

Our products are great as gifts and a joy to keep at home. 

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